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Attendance Policy

Attendance is a critical component for academic achievement and success. Students are expected to be in school and on time on all days when school is in session. Class days are noted on the School Calendar, which is published annually with the School Handbook, both are available through the school website. General policies and procedures can be found in the Student Handbook, the school website or upon further request from the Director of Student Services.

If a student will be absent for fewer than five days due to illness, parents or the student should contact a fellow student concerning missed work. Parents must call the school to inform them that the student is absent in the morning. Student must bring a doctor’s note so the absences will be excused. Every time the student is absent, he/she will will miss important classroom instruction and assignments, which will impact his/her academic performance.

At the high school, students have a limited amount of days in which they can be absent without being penalized. If a student misses more than those days and his/her absences are unexcused, students will lose credits for the class, which will impact their graduation. Many times students will be required to attend summer school.

Please contact the school by email, letter, or phone call to inform them of your child’s absence at all times. Make sure your child makes up any homework or other assignments as soon as possible, so his/her grade doesn’t drop.

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